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Fire Prevention Tips to Ensure that Your Family and Your Home are Always Protected

From the Pacific View Insurance Agency Blog

Fire Prevention Tips to Ensure that Your Family and Your Home are Always Protected

Fires are a hazard that we rarely think of in our everyday lives. However, fires can happen at any time and are especially likely if you don't practice safe fire prevention practices.

Not only are these tips great for you to know, but you should also share them with your family and friends.

Check out our four fire prevention tips to help keep your family and belongings safe.

  • If you burn candles, set a reminder to blow them out. It's Friday night and you and your family are cuddled on the couch watching the latest cartoon movie. You crave the sweet smell of apple pie, so you light your new candle that sits on the corner table. You don't anticipate falling asleep, but you do while the candle is still burning. To ensure that you never forget to blow out your candles, you should set a reminder to blow out your candle after a few hours. If you have pets, you should be sure that you burn candles in a high enough location that they can't bump them, or catch their fur on fire.

  • Be sure to unplug and turn off hot appliances when you're finished with them. It's easy to leave the curling iron on, but be sure to double check that you've unplugged it before leaving your home or moving to another room. Although many beauty tools are equipped with auto-off features, it's always better to be safe than sorry. If you own a gas stove, it's important to turn the burner off as soon as you're finished cooking on it.

  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home. The best fire prevention tip we can offer is to install smoke alarms on every floor of your home - including the basement and the attic. One of the best ways to prevent damage or health issues for your family is to know about a fire before it spreads. A smoke alarm can help you do just that - and allow you to call 911 or douse the fire on your own before it gets out of hand. Be sure to keep fresh batteries in it, and check it regularly to ensure it is working properly.

  • Properly insure your home. Talk to Pacific View Insurance Agency about the right coverage for your home so you can always live with peace of mind!

Fires are something we never like to think about, but it's crucial to have a prevention plan in place - and our four tips provide a great start!